Sunday, 21 September 2008

My Inspiration - Hubby & Kids

My son Tim is my inspiration. He is amazing. He was diagnosed with cancer aged 7 only 2 days before his 8th birthday. He started his chemotherapy on his 8th birthday and we think it was his best birthday present. He missed most of year 3 and the first term of year 4 at school but he caught up when he returned after treatment was finished. He's 14 now, starting year 10. That shows how determined he is.

I cannot believe how brave he was during that awful time. He fought so well and smiled most of the time even when feeling ill from the treatment. I would not have been able to keep going while Tim was ill if it hadn't been for his positive outlook and my wonderful husband David. They were both so strong. Even when, as parents, we felt as though we had no control over anything David was there.

He visited us every day in hospital after work (once he returned after the initial time off to get things at home in order). His company were very supportive allowing him time off whenever necessary. My company were also very good, since I'd only been there 4 months. They kept my job open for the whole time I was looking after Tim in hospital.

While Tim was being treated we promised him a baby sister or brother when he was better. That positive thought helped us all get through it. Our family and friends were brilliant. Support is absolutely vital and we received it in bucketloads.

That was 6 years ago. Emily arrived very quickly (under an hour at home with dad as midwife) and is 4 now and is so beautiful. They love each other dearly. I keep going every day for all 3 of them. Even when I feel low.

Please help all cancer patients in the UK and give them a greater chance at survival. Visit 2 great websites. The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton is where Tim was treated, staff were fantastic - and Cancer Research UK for their never-ending work to find a cure

Thank you for reading my story. I hope it gives you a positive boost.

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