Thursday, 25 June 2009


Michael Jackson is dead, RIP. Although he was very strange he was also very talented, lets not forget that. Poor man had his head messed up from an early age. He will be sorely missed. I loved him and his brothers as Jackson 5, they were part of my growing up.

David's sister's wedding card

Here's my card I made for the wedding. I finally found my mojo and used papers and embellishments from stash. Hope they like it.

Journey back from Birmingham

The journey back from Birmingham was a nightmare. Bear in mind, we're all in the Mini as our other car was in the garage. My dad was in the back with me (he's 6ft!). We were dropping him off in Banbury where he and mum had been camping near his mum for the week. But every junction onto/off any motorway was closed so we had to go miles out of the way to get where we wanted. It took 4 hours to do a trip that should only take a max of 2!!! We got in at 2am after the show finished at 10.15. The queue out of the NIA multi-storey carpark was a joke. It took an hour just to get out of there. Don't think we'll go back there. The last time we saw it at NEC was much easier. Oh well, never mind. The dads had a nice time. That was the main thing.

The weekend just gone...

We went to Birmingham to see Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds in the NIA. We were convinced it was the NEC but when we got there and looked at the tickets we discovered we had to go into the city centre at 6pm on Friday night, across spaghetti junction. Oops. Not fun. But the show was fab. We took my dad and David's dad, for birthday and Christmas presents. We had fab seats, about 10 rows from the front. It was very loud. The music is fantastic.

For those who haven't heard of the musical (and there are some who haven't) visit Jeff Wayne is a genius. He took the famous HG Wells story and wrote music to suit. The film on a giant screen behind the orchestra and full band in Victorian dress is taken from his original 30 year old album art, bought to life. Richard Burton's holographic image is shown narrating the story. The original in the 70s had people like David Essex, Julie Covington and Phil Lynott in parts. Justin Hayward was in the original and sings on stage live now. He's fab. All those who have live singing parts are excellent. The best bit is a full size Martian tripod that comes down from the ceiling, complete with heatray! We got a fab pic last time on my mobile. Not bad eh?

If you ever get the chance, go and see it. You'll either love it or hate it, but if you love it you'll love it forever.

Now I'm feeling better ....

Now I'm feeling better I can tell you more about our weekends with our new Mini. It's a beautiful car. We did have a nice ride to Littlehampton, although we didn't stay long. We go down quieter country A roads rather than motorway which is great with the top down. Emily thought it was hilarious. Her hair, at one point before I tied it back, was vertical in the wind. Being in the back is definitely more windy!! Trouble is, if you want wind deflectors you can't get them for the back passengers. They only do them for the front passenger and driver, but the whole thing sits across the back seats!! So we didn't bother getting one. In the front you don't feel as windswept. The heated seats are lovely! Anyway, we did that then on the Sunday (after we thought that was the end of Emily being ill!) we went to David's sister's wedding. It was beautiful. Then of course, poor Emily was poorly with her gastroenteritis.

Thank you everyone

Thank you to everyone who sent me (and Emily) get well wishes. It really has meant a lot. I've felt really awful. The last 2 odd weeks have been really difficult with Emily being ill, then the stomach bug has wiped the floor with me this week. Felt like a worn out dishrag.

It hasn't helped that I've had some really nasty customers on my dragon website who are totally unfeeling and uncaring that I've been unable to process their orders. That really upset me. So all of you have made up for their nastiness. Thank you. You're lovely people.

I promise to catch up on blog hopping soon.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Thanks to everyone who took part in my blogoversary draw. Sorry for those who didn't win. Sorry for the delay in posting the winner, haven't even bought all the winnings yet what with all the illness at home. Thanks to everyone who wished both me and Emily well. It's helped knowing people care. Will post more when fully recovered. Can't sit at the computer for more than 15 mins without feeling dizzy yet.

and the winner is..... finally.......

Susan from

Congrats hun, well done. Sorry it's late. I've been ill with gastroenteritis. If you can email me your address I will post your winnings soon.

Please bear in mind though that I still haven't bought all of it yet as I've had an awful 3 weeks, see previous posts. I will buy and post ASAP. Hope it's worth the wait.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


hi all, sorry not been around to draw the winner but have had this horrible stomach bug that emily had. been in the bathroom most of the last 2 days. now just have headache like someone's bashed me with a large plank. will draw tomorrow honest.

Monday, 22 June 2009

1st blogoversary / 7000 hits giveaway.

This is just a taster of what will be on offer for my 1st blogoversary on 20th June /almost 7000 hits giveaway. I've not been able to get to the shops this week as my little girl has been home with an upset tummy (which I had at the weekend!) Say no more!
These papers are from the Papermania Signature Blueberry Hill pack. I will be offering an A5 pad of 48 sheets of this paper and some coordinating goodies when I can get to the shops.
This is another part of the giveaway. I made this last night. I bought some A5 notebooks and decided to have a go at covering one to see how it turned out. I think it's nice so decided to add it to the candy.
All you have to do is leave a comment here with a link to a post on your blog about my giveaway. It will be open until 10am on 22nd June as I'll be out the whole weekend. We're going to see Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds at NIA Birmingham on 19th and then to hubby's work's 100th anniversary party on 20th so will be busy/hungover that weekend. LOL!
Good luck, enjoy the giveaway.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Wedding Anniversary

OMG, it was our 19th wedding anniversary today and we completely forgot. What with getting the new car and Emily being poorly we just didn't think about it. Our parents sent cards, bless them. Oh well....

Poor Emily

My poor little girl really isn't well. She's now got gastroenteritis. So my blog candy draw will probably be postponed. Watch this space for details.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Poor Emily

Poor old Emily is really having a week this week. She's got an upset tummy now poor kid. We're gonna try to put in an appearance at the wedding but won't stay long. She's not been ill since about 5am so hopefully that's the end now. She's just eaten a piece of toast and so far it's stayed down so let's hope she's on the mend, poor little girl.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Yay, got my sexy car

Well, after weeks of going on and on about it, here it is.... Finally, took some convincing the bank by phone that we weren't making a fraudulent transaction. Stupid twits put a block on the account till we spoke to them. Had to go and get a bankers draft instead, how embarrassing. Went to say thanks to mum and dad this morning, after all, they bought it. Then went to Littlehampton for the afternoon. Great fun, very windy in the back but excellent. Funky black fabric & red leather seats and red trim to match. What a hot little number. What do you think? We're going to the wedding in it tomorrow. Better not out-shine the bride though!!

Friday, 12 June 2009

need some inspiration

It's my sister in laws wedding on Sunday and I still haven't made a card yet. I'm lacking inspiration, can anyone help?

Candy update

Well I did promise another prize to add to my blogoversary candy giveaway if I reached 7500 hits. It's over 7600 now WOOO HOOO. I promise I will add something to the candy stash.

Sorry but I've still not been able to get to the craft shop to buy the candy bits. I promise I will on Monday. As you know Emily's been in hospital and is off school for the rest of this week, and without a car it's almost impossible. So, since I'm getting a car tomorrow, and hopefully Emily is going to be well enough to go to school again on Monday, I will get to the craft shop.

I will add another piece of candy if I reach 8000 hits by the time the draw is due to take place. So keep passing on the message and the more bloggers who visit the candy, the more chance there is for another goodie.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Mini sorted - woo hoo

Mum and dad transferred the money to our account today so we can collect the new Mini on Saturday for sure. We tried to pay it in by cheque but the bank doesn't express cheques anymore so it would have taken till next Tuesday to clear. Blooming stupid in this day and age of electronic payments through Paypal etc. Since we'd arranged insurance from Saturday this would have messed things up so I rang mum from the hospital and asked dad to wire transfer it. It's sorted so we'll go to the Mini garage on Saturday morning. Yipee, so will post pics as soon as I can.

Emily's been in hospital

Hi all, sorry I've been absent. Emily's been in hospital for the last 2 days. She had a cold since Sunday and went to school ok Monday. Monday night she wasn't coping well with her asthma and inhalers weren't working.

By 11am Tuesday I knew she needed a nebuliser at the doctors. That in itself without a car is hard thing to accomplish. I managed to get a cab within 15 mins of speaking to the doctors surgery who said come down straight away. By the time we got there she was in a bad way. They got her on the nebuliser and monitored her heart rate and oxygen levels. These were really low and she fell asleep, which freaked them out.

So they called an ambulance and it went from there. We were taken to the Resus Unit at A&E and eventually got taken to the children's ward about 3pm yesterday. It was very scary but I felt I handled it very well, I didn't cry or get hysterical. I did ring David who came bombing back from work very quickly.

She was on continuous oxygen for the rest of the evening and nebulisers every 3 hours last night. We did manage to get some sleep. If you can call it sleep in a busy children's ward with all things going on all night, in a 3ft wide child's length bed meant for a child alone, not one with an adult in it as well! But she did sleep and was ok. She needed some more oxygen for about 10 mins this morning and nebulisers/steroid tablets/antibiotics all day. But, thankfully, she's ok and we're home now.

So, sorry I've not been around but have been rather busy.

Monday, 8 June 2009


Well mum and dad rang this morning to say the money is through and we can collect ours from them today. So if we pay the money in tomorrow and it's cleared through the account we should be able to drive away our new Mini on Saturday. Wooo hooo...... so excited. Will be able to drive it to hubby's sister's wedding on Sunday with luck. Yipee

Saturday, 6 June 2009


My new found blogger buddy Michelle has nominated me for the following awards for my raising awareness of the Royal Marsden Hospital, which as you all know is where my son was treated in 2002. Thanks hun. Pop over to her blog for a look, she's a very clever lady. I will work out who to award them to a bit later today. Watch this space.......

7/6/09 Ok I decided who to give them to so here goes. If anyone else would like to take these awards but your name is not on the list please help yourself but link back to me. Thanks.

Friday, 5 June 2009

I'm so excited

I'm so excited. I've just booked tickets to see Walking with Dinosaurs Live at the O2 in August. Can't wait. Looks fab, go to the link below to see for yourself. They've recreated 15 full sized dinosaurs that move round the arena. Sort of Jurassic Park but real. Looks brilliant. Quite expensive but what an experience.

I was just telling Emily last night that we must visit the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaur bones. We were reading Megs Eggs about dinosaurs (from Meg & Mog) at bedtime and she was full of questions. Then hubby sent me this link from work today and I thought, even after 19 years of marriage, we are still on the same wavelength.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Shopping list magnet

I made this using the tag magnet kit from my winnings. I decided to give it to my friends who are moving next week as a house warming gift. It was really easy and looks very professional, even tho I made it!! LOL.

New home card

I made this card from the retro papers I received in my winnings yesterday. I made it for my friends who are moving within the next week to a brand new house. Lucky things. The card is ok but I think something is missing. Any tips would be great.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Massive candy giveaway

There's a huge giveaway at Melissa's blog so pop over to see the fab goodies you could win. These are a couple of the bits. She's being extremely generous!! Good luck.

7400 hits OMG

OMG I've just seen my hit counter. It's over 7,400 hits already. Can't believe it! I will have to get to the shops and buy the candy and add something else when it reaches 7,500.

Look what postie brought this morning

My goodies arrived from winning the guess the brads competition at Dottie's World. They're fab. I'm so pleased with them. Can't wait to get creative now.
This is what was in my parcel:
K&Co Amy Butler Ribbon
Stickles Frosted Lace
Jennifer O'Meara Red Gerbera Stamp
Imaginisce For Peeps Sake Ribbon & Bloom Kit
K&Co Tag Magnet Kit
K&Co Brenda Walton Memory Pockets
Vintage Travel Tag & Sticker Kit
Paper Pizazz 8x8" Retro Papers, Alphabets, Borders, Tags & Art for scrapbooking

I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thanks to everyone at Dottie's World.

Fab film

OMG I've just watched a fab film. Yes I know I should be doing something constructive like making a card or housework etc. But don't you ever get the days when you feel like doing something just for yourself? So I thought, what the heck...

I bought it because it has Mr Hunk himself James Purefoy (should be called Purejoy!) in it (don't laugh!) but he's so gorgeous. I sound like a sad person who has no life! LOL! It's a Brit film with loads of my fave actors in, Joely Richardson, Hugh Lawrie, Joanna Lumley, Dawn French, Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson. Written by Ben Elton. It's called Maybe Baby. Anyone seen it? It's meant to be a comedy but actually is quite sad about a couple trying for a baby.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts about it. Worth watching. And of course, he's in it!! CORRRR!!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Brilliant blog

The very talented Michelle created a fab Babushka doll card on her blog from chocolate coin wrappers. You must pop over for a look. It's great. I love it.

I won I won I won I'm so excited

Yipeeee. I won the guess the brads competition at Dottie's World with my guess of 287!! Look what I won...... What a way to start the week, woooo hoooo! Thanks to the lovely ladies at Dottie's World, can't wait!!!