Thursday, 25 June 2009

Journey back from Birmingham

The journey back from Birmingham was a nightmare. Bear in mind, we're all in the Mini as our other car was in the garage. My dad was in the back with me (he's 6ft!). We were dropping him off in Banbury where he and mum had been camping near his mum for the week. But every junction onto/off any motorway was closed so we had to go miles out of the way to get where we wanted. It took 4 hours to do a trip that should only take a max of 2!!! We got in at 2am after the show finished at 10.15. The queue out of the NIA multi-storey carpark was a joke. It took an hour just to get out of there. Don't think we'll go back there. The last time we saw it at NEC was much easier. Oh well, never mind. The dads had a nice time. That was the main thing.

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  1. Clare birmingham is always the same, i don't live far from there and it's always a nightmare! glad they had a good time tho xxx