Monday, 27 April 2009

Mini test drive

Here's a pic of Tim & David in the Mini we did a test drive in on Saturday.... it was fab.

blogoversary soon

I've looked at my blogoversary counter and realised it's less than 60 days away. I will get some goodies together next week as a candy giveaway to celebrate this. Can't do it this week, it's Emily's 5th birthday party at the weekend so need to do some serious tidying inside and out as we're having her party in the garden. Hope it's nice, don't want a wet weekend :-( We've ordered a gazebo with sides so at least we can use that if it arrives in time.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mini test drive

We went on our Mini Cooper Convertible test drive today. It was fab. Didn't want to give it back! We drove for over an hour with the roof up and down, on little roads and motorway. Loved it. The heated seats are brilliant! Everything is fab. Hope we get one. Not sure yet if we'll get a new one or one about a year old. If we have a new one we'll get the colour and extras we want but pay the price. On the other hand if we get a slightly older used one, it's less money but not to our spec. Hmmm, what to do? I'm trying to be practical. Most of the money my parents are giving us would be used up if we bought a new one, leaving not much for other things. If we bought a slightly older one we'd be able to do the kitchen up as well...... Decisions decisions......

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy St George's Day

Happy St George's Day!! Hope you are all doing something patriotic or wearing red and white today. We put a new flag in our flagpole and are wearing red and white! Let me know what you're doing! Have a good day. I'm off to my buddy Han's today.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I got these pics in the post today. Emily cried when she saw them. This is what Mario, my little Fiat Cinquecento looked like after the fire brigade had practised road traffic accident rescues on him!!! Poor Mario. Now he's gone to car heaven. Still, hopefully it will help the firemen to save someone's life!

Good news

As you all know I've been without a car since January. Well, I'm going to test drive a new Mini Cooper Convertible on Saturday, yessss!! Hope it doesn't rain. My mum and dad are being very generous and releasing some equity on their house and giving some to me and my 2 sisters. That's why I'll be able to buy a new Mini. WOOOO HOOOO.

Mario meets his maker

Guess what turned up in the post today totally out of the blue? Pictures from the fire brigade of my car when they'd finished using it for training.... Poor little Mario. (Remember in January I had to scrap it?) When I've worked out how to use the new scanner I'll copy them and post them.

cute story

If you want to read something cute, read my story on our holiday blog titled Nico's Restaurant Puerto Pollenca. Let me know what you think...

night night....

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fab candy ends 1st May

Pop over to see this lovely blog and candy up for grabs, ends 1st May. Really lovely blog. Def worth a visit...

copper bangle

This is the lovely copper bangle David bought me in the boutique in Puerto Pollenca. I think it's really beautiful. I think it looks like 2 swimmers tangled together!! Not sure what it's supposed to be but it's really lovely. (Excuse the hairy arm! LOL!) And it has health benefits. Copper is apparently good for arthritis and I do think with as my mum gets arthritis I will get it - so hopefully it will help! It was only 17 Euros too.

Palm tree photo album

How about this for a beautiful photo album? We found it in a little boutique on the sea front in Puerto Pollenca on our last day. David bought me a beautiful copper bangle in there too (more about that later!) This photo album is made from all different parts of a palm tree: leaves, bark, twigs etc and I think it's a work of art. Truly unique. It even smells of palm tree. And it was only 15 Euros. Bargain. What do you think?

holiday scrapbooking to do

Got lots of holiday scrapbooking to do when I've got back into the swing of normality again, which will happen tonight when I have to go to work - BORING! So I will keep you posted when I've worked on my creations.

We bought a beautiful photo album on holiday so must take a picture of that. Will post later.

Where does time go?

I don't know... I just looked at the calendar thinking it was about 3 weeks till Emily's birthday and OMG it's just over 2 weeks. Where did the time go?

I usually have her birthday party in the May Day bank holiday weekend booked well in advance. That's not this weekend but next. Since we've been on holiday this year I've not booked anything. I think I'll just have to do the party at home in the garden again. Better get invites sorted. You know how important parties are to little girls who will be 5. Just hope the weather is nice. Last year we were lucky but the year before party day dawned to howling gails and torrential rain. We had 12x 3 year olds and associated siblings/parents in our lounge. Thankfully we had an entertainer so it wasn't too bad.

Oh well, better get my skates on and get organised. Wish me luck.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Holiday snaps blog

Here's where I'll be posting all holiday snaps if you're interested. I've put a few on so far but will get round to it. Takes so long I'll do a few at a time.

Holiday Snaps

Just to let you all know I now have all pics on the computer from 3 cameras so will be loading them soon. I have a blog just for them. I'll let you know when I've updated it with pics.... Had a nightmare day yesterday with the internet. Kept losing the connection for ages then it would come back and we'd start uploading things then it would crash again. Fingers crossed today will be ok....

off to bed now...

I'm off to bed now as it will be a shock in the morning to have to get up early and do the school run etc.... mind u I wanted to get on and upload some pics to facebook as we had internet probs all day and only just been able to do it. Will see how it goes tomo, hope to upload some more then, nightie nightie

Sneak preview of holiday pics

Here's my little Flamenco dancer
The 3 nutters in the sea - too cold for me!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Still in holiday mode

Hi all, thanks to those of you who posted messages saying welcome back. We had a fab time and I'm still in holiday mode. Mind you the 4 cases full of washing bring you back to earth with a bump. Still, it's been sunny this weekend and I booked today off work so at least I've got some clearing up done. Still surrounded by empty cases and piles of washing. Mum and dad popped over today to see some of the many pics we took. Still got 3 cameras full to download. Will post some pics soon. Made them laugh with my one brown one white foot!!! I got sunburnt on my right foot and now it's all brown, the other one still pale and pastey!! How does that work?? My arms, chest and face are brown-ish despite 5 days of rain in the middle of the holiday. We had some really good days out though. I just love Mallorca, really beautiful place and the people are lovely. Mad drivers mind you.....

Anyway, watch this space for pics ..... eventually.... haha!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

I'm back now....

Hi all, I'm back. Had a fab holiday in Mallorca, even though we had 6 days of rain out of 14. Did catch some sun though either end of the holiday, got a few red bits!! Was very relaxing, villa was beautiful and Puerto Pollensa/Mallorca is still as lovely as we remembered from 2006. Will post some pics tomorrow prob when downloaded from the camera. Hope you're all well and had a good Easter. Oh well, off to do a mountain of washing!! Hope it's dry tomorrow, need to get the stuff hanging on the line.