Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Where does time go?

I don't know... I just looked at the calendar thinking it was about 3 weeks till Emily's birthday and OMG it's just over 2 weeks. Where did the time go?

I usually have her birthday party in the May Day bank holiday weekend booked well in advance. That's not this weekend but next. Since we've been on holiday this year I've not booked anything. I think I'll just have to do the party at home in the garden again. Better get invites sorted. You know how important parties are to little girls who will be 5. Just hope the weather is nice. Last year we were lucky but the year before party day dawned to howling gails and torrential rain. We had 12x 3 year olds and associated siblings/parents in our lounge. Thankfully we had an entertainer so it wasn't too bad.

Oh well, better get my skates on and get organised. Wish me luck.

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