Saturday, 31 January 2009

BLOG CANDY Celebrating 3000 hits! NOW CLOSED

This is what I've collected together so far for blog candy giveaway for reaching 3000 hits and I thought I'd list it out to whet your appetite until I get decent photos of the other bits on offer.

DCWV Christmas Wishes papers in green and red
Other Christmas papers in pinks/greys
18 Papermania red and green buttons
6 Glittery Christmas toppers
3 Flowersoft Vintage Christmas Lamppost Toppers (no Flowersoft powder included)
16 Poppicraft paper flowers 2 types in pink blue green and brown in organza bag

For a chance to win please leave a comment here and put a link on your blog back to mine for others to see. I will get my daughter draw a name from a hat on 31 January so check back then to see if you're the lucky winner. Good luck, thanks for looking. Clare x

And the winner is.....

The winner of my blog candy is .....

Hand-picked by my daughter Emily at 10.10am this morning............

Sam from Well done Sam, if you can let me have your address I'll post your candy to you. My email address is so please send me your details. I'll keep this open for 7 days. I hope you reply by then otherwise it's only fair to pick another name. Thanks for joining in.

Thanks to everyone who joined in with the fun.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Miss Ya

Hi Sharon, this message is just for you. I know you watch my blog so this one's for you. I really miss you. You're my best best friend in the whole wide world and we don't see each other anywhere near enough. I wish we'd been able to celebrate our 40th birthdays together. I am so sorry I missed the Duran Duran concert in Orlando with you last year. I wish I'd been there screaming at Simon Le Bon with you. I'd say I would have thrown my pants at him but they're slightly larger than when I was 15 and I don't think he'd appreciate parachute pants do you! NICE. I think of you every day. One day soon we will all come over for a holiday and spend time with you and your lovely family. Hugs to all, Clare BBFITWWW xxxx PS look on the right at my video bar, this one's for you.

I promise....

I promise I will get my daughter to pick the lucky winner of the blog candy out of a hat (or some sort of box!) first thing in the morning (once I'm awake enough!) and post ASAP. I'm sure you are all eager to hear who won the candy. I've added extra bits since I posted about it so it's well worth entering. There's still time. I will close it officially at 10am tomorrow morning GMT and draw ASAP after that. Good luck.

No wonder

No wonder I've been feeling awful. I went back to the doctor again today for 3rd time in 10 days and got a 3rd lot of antibiotics and steroid tablets for a lung infection! There was me feeling sorry for myself but also feeling like a wimp! Now I know I wasn't being lazy or a wimp. With a lung infection I'm bound to be tired/puffed out! Shows how much it took out of me. I got a cab back from the doctors! (No car since my Fiat was scrapped! Makes me realise how I miss it!)

Postie brought me some goodies again

I like this image swap lark. Postie keeps bringing lovely things. This time it's from Lea thanks Lea. The images and wallet are lovely, so are the extras you naughty lady, thanks.

Another colleague birthday card for the Charisma Cardz challenge

This card is for another work colleague who's 20 this weekend. Hope she likes it. All made from stash. I made it for the Charisma Cardz challenge too. This week it's black and white with one other colour. Pop over for a look at their challenge blog.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wallet & image swap

Now it's past midnight and the image wallets have been mailed I think I can post this .....

I got the lovely papers used in these items in a free download from The blooms are from Poppicrafts. Ribbons and brads etc are from stash.

I made these wallets for the ladies who joined in with my wallet and image swap. I hope they like them and the images I've stamped.

I also made them a little extra something, a co-ordinating notebook, which I hope they like too... (I got the idea from Clare Taffy Crafty one of my newfound blogger buddies! thanks Clare!)

Look what postie bought

Hi I'm so excited. Look what the postie delivered this morning. My images and card from Emma who took part in the image swap. Here's the card and some of the images she sent me. Can't wait to start using them. I love them, thanks Emma.

Handmade box

Here is my first attempt at a handmade box. I made it to put embellishments in that I'm giving away as part of my blog candy draw on Sat 31 January. Hope you like it.

I won an award, thanks Emma

Emma ( has nominated me for this order to accept you need to state 10 honest things about yourself, making it interesting and digging deep if necessary! Then pass onto 7 others.
Here are some things about me:-

1 - I really miss my best friend Sharon (we went to senior school together) who lives in Florida. Don't see her anywhere near enough. Saw her last in 2007 when she came home for the first time in 16 years. Saw her in 2003 when we went to Orlando.

2 - I was so excited before I went to my first Duran Duran concert aged 15 that I made myself sick and missed the day off school - shame - my best friend Sharon who I went with thought I would miss the concert but I didn't. We screamed ourselves silly and nearly fainted when Simon Le Bon came on stage! LOL! Good old Hammersmith Odeon was fab for concerts.

3 - I can't eat chocolate - what a bummer - it makes me sick and gives me violent migraines! Shame cos I love the stuff. Toffee is my favourite sweet since I can't eat chocolate. And I love Banoffee Pie.

4 - I like Bacardi and coke but mainly drink wine. Only takes 1/2 a bottle (wine not Bacardi!) and then I fall asleep - I'm a cheap drunk!

5 - I cried when Princess Diana died.

6 - I have been married for 19 years this year to my soulmate and only had 1 boyfriend before him - awwww! Couldn't live without him! My kids and him are my life. Sorry, don't vomit!

7 - School scenes in Shirley Valentine were filmed at my senior school, Waldegrave School for Girls in Twickenham.

8 - Would love to own a Lotus Elize in a putrid colour like lime green, luminous yellow or citrus orange. Then I would burn up all the boy racers!

9 - I hate sewing but loathe ironing even more - I have an airing cupboard full!

10 - Would love to be slimmer but I am very lazy and hate exercise. Hubby bought me a Wii fit for my birthday last May and I've used it about 5 times.

The ladies I am passing this onto are:-

The other 2 ladies I would pass this to are Emma (who nominated me) and Clare (Taffy Crafty), who was also nominated by Emma. They are my 2 of my blogger buddies so the thought is there in spirit girls.

I'm so excited.... I won an award

I'm so excited, I won an award from my blogger buddy Emma (Crafty Emma), thanks Hun.... but it's one I've got to think about. So I'll post full details in the morning. Brain's too tired now.

Make It Show Farnborough

Hooray, the fab Make-It! Show is coming back to Farnborough. I went last year and had a fab time. I hope to go with my friend Han, since I missed the other one last weekend cos I was ill.(Stitch and something or other at Sanddown Park). Want to spend some money!! Maybe attend some workshops etc.... It's on 20-22 February at FIVE Farnborough. Can't wait.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Image swaps sent

To Emma, Lea, Bex & Joanne
Just to let you know, your images have finally been posted today by 1st class so you should get them tomorrow. Thanks for joining in my image swap. Hope you like what I've sent you.
hugs Clare x

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cara's 21st

I made this for a colleague's 21st birthday. I used papers and brads from stash and Poppicraft blooms. Hope she likes it.

Looking for work

Well, despite feeling pretty naff with chest infection, I am using my time off sick to look for another job. I want to work 20-25 hours doing office admin in Surrey. If anyone knows of anything interesting please let me know..... thanks

Monday, 26 January 2009

Look what postie brought....

The lovely Joanne sent me this lovely wallet filled with these beautiful images in my image swap and they arrived on Saturday. Thanks Joanne, can't wait to use them.

Still not feeling all that good

Went back to the doctors today and she's given me another week's course of stronger antibiotics and signed me off for another week. She said there's no way I can work with a chest infection like this one. So I'm feeling sorry for myself again today.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

More blog candy, draw on 7 Feb

The lovely Caryn at is offering 2 candies so why not pop over to take a look.

More fab candy till 28th Jan

why not pop over and have a look at this lovely lady's blog and her fab pink candy......

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Bye bye car

Well, my little black Fiat has finally been scrapped (major MOT failure). It went to the fire brigade practise ground today. I took some video. My 4 year old daughter cried when the tow-truck took it away. She said "I'm going to miss your car mummy!" How sad! But at least it's going to a noble cause. The new trainee firemen will have something to practise RTA rescues on. I am sad as it was my independence. We will get another one in a few months but until then it's bus travel for me. Excuse the boot marks and dents on it. My hubby and son decided to give it a good kicking before it was towed away.

Friday, 23 January 2009

And now for something else completely different...

I had one of those sit bolt upright with light bulb above head moments last night. I have been losing my marbles recently and kept forgetting where I'd put my dear new blogger buddies addresses for the image swap. SO.....

This is what I came up with. I've used tags decorated with papers and eyelets from stash. I joined them to a keyring with home-made rings decorated with jewels. Then I'm going to creatively type on coordinating papers the names and addresses so I won't lose them. Obviously, don't want people's addresses let lose on the blog so will add those later. What do you think? I will be getting proper wire-rings from my jewellery-making sister to replace my dodgy looking home-made ones but these will do in the meantime.
BTW I do have more than 3 friends, LOL, will add more later....


Thankfully I am feeling a bit better today, woooo hoooo. I haven't felt that ill in a long time. So, in light of the fact that I need some cheer on this dreary January day I've changed the look of my blog and feel better already. Who needs sunshine when they can blog? Plus I found a different counter that works!!


Thursday, 22 January 2009

Fab candy

The lovely Jak at is offering the complete set of La Pashe Flippin Men decoupage sheets and more for blog candy so pay her a visit. She's great. I love reading her blog and her cards are beautiful.

Something completely different

And now for something completely different....

My good friend Han had shown me one of these on a card she'd made and I loved it so thought I would have a go. This is my first attempt. Please let me know what you think. I thought I'd use it to decorate a card but haven't had the mojo. Still feeling awful with chest infection. Maybe will get some inspiration later.

Wow fab candy - till 29th Jan

Wow, there's some fab candy over at up for grabs until noon on 29th Jan so pop over for a look. Good luck.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Image swap update

Hi all those who took part in my image swap. I did start getting things ready for posting on Friday but now have a chest infection so may be a bit delayed sending them out. I've only managed to make one wallet and stamp images to send in it so far. Sorry, will try to finish ASAP.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Image swap thanks

Thanks for all of you who replied to the wallet and image swap. I have been suffering from card makers block (is there such a thing?) as I've got no mojo this week. However, I will do the images ready for posting next week. For those who haven't sent me their addresses please do so to and I will reply with mine. Thanks, hugs Clare x


I am fed up. My little black Fiat has failed its MOT and has to be scrapped. It will cost too much money to fix, it has only got 1 brake working!, and that's the good news :-( I'm sad cos I love my car, it's my first I've had for myself since I got married 19 years ago!

It's lasted well, I bought it from my sister in law 7 years ago and it's now 13 years old. I'm thinking about donating it to the fire brigade as they have advertised for cars to practise road traffic accident rescues on. Surely, to wheeze its last wheeze as a possible way to save lives is the best thing? RIP MARIO (my nickname for it!)

Blog candy thanks

Thanks to everyone so far who has commented on the blog candy. I have been checking and most of you have been very good and posted links back on your blog to mine. There are still some of you who haven't and unfortunately, you won't be entered into the draw. The rules of blog candy are that you must put a link on your blog as well as a comment on mine. I am checking! Thanks.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Scrapbooking site.....

I was on my friend Clare's blog Taffy Crafty at when I saw her post about a site called and I just had to go on there. It's fantastic, with loads of great downloads, some of which are free. Take a look. I love it. Thanks Clare x

Remember when.... decoupage

I used some fab sepia "Remember When" La Pashe freebies I got from a magazine giveaway, designed by none other than the fab Jak Heath at I also used some flowers of similar colour from Poppicrafts. Hope you like it.
I've just looked again on her blog and noticed that she's scheduled to be on Create and Craft on Sky on Tuesday 13th January at 9am with the full range of Remember When Decoupage. Why not take a look then... set the date in your diary.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wallet & Image Swap Anyone?

After seeing a couple of these on some of the blogs I follow I thought it might be a nice idea to do the same on my blog. The idea is that you make a wallet card (can supply a template kindly emailed by another blogging buddy!) and put 20 of your stamped images in it. You then mail it to whoever responds to the swap.

I've added the wallet template another blogger buddy Susie sent me. So if you're interested please follow the instructions to make the wallet to put your stamped images inside. Decorate as takes your fancy... good luck and have fun.

I don't have loads and if you don't either don't worry. You can do more than one stamp of the same image. It's a nice way of getting other images without buying the stamps and the surprise is you don't know what you're going to get until the postie arrives.

If you are interested please comment on this post and I will share my images. Ok, now that Christmas is over and the New Year is here, let's get this wallet & image swap going. Hope you want to, looking forward to your comments....

Friday, 2 January 2009

New Blog, Clare Curd's Signature Range

Clare has launched a new blog 'Stampin Chic' and her own signature range is coming very soon.....take a look here for more details.

Where've the funky fairies gone?

Does anyone know where the Funky Fairys Challenge has gone? I tried to use my old link today and it said the blog has been removed? What a shame. I loved that blogspot. If anyone knows if they've moved please let me know. Thanks

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Ribbon trees

This is the ribbon tree I made for my mother-in-law. I giftwrapped it in a pretty organza bag and gave it to her today and she loved it.

This is my ribbon tree with the star on top which I finally found a couple of days ago which I think finishes it off nicely.


I didn't know this but.... never ever give chocolate to dogs as it's like poison to them. My mum and dad's Jack Russell 1year old puppy has been in vet hospital (taken by vet ambulance last night) on a drip with pancreatis caused by eating chocolate!! They hope she'll be ok but the vet said never ever give them chocolate. Never heard of it before and we've been dog owners for 30+ years. So beware.