Thursday, 29 January 2009

I won an award, thanks Emma

Emma ( has nominated me for this order to accept you need to state 10 honest things about yourself, making it interesting and digging deep if necessary! Then pass onto 7 others.
Here are some things about me:-

1 - I really miss my best friend Sharon (we went to senior school together) who lives in Florida. Don't see her anywhere near enough. Saw her last in 2007 when she came home for the first time in 16 years. Saw her in 2003 when we went to Orlando.

2 - I was so excited before I went to my first Duran Duran concert aged 15 that I made myself sick and missed the day off school - shame - my best friend Sharon who I went with thought I would miss the concert but I didn't. We screamed ourselves silly and nearly fainted when Simon Le Bon came on stage! LOL! Good old Hammersmith Odeon was fab for concerts.

3 - I can't eat chocolate - what a bummer - it makes me sick and gives me violent migraines! Shame cos I love the stuff. Toffee is my favourite sweet since I can't eat chocolate. And I love Banoffee Pie.

4 - I like Bacardi and coke but mainly drink wine. Only takes 1/2 a bottle (wine not Bacardi!) and then I fall asleep - I'm a cheap drunk!

5 - I cried when Princess Diana died.

6 - I have been married for 19 years this year to my soulmate and only had 1 boyfriend before him - awwww! Couldn't live without him! My kids and him are my life. Sorry, don't vomit!

7 - School scenes in Shirley Valentine were filmed at my senior school, Waldegrave School for Girls in Twickenham.

8 - Would love to own a Lotus Elize in a putrid colour like lime green, luminous yellow or citrus orange. Then I would burn up all the boy racers!

9 - I hate sewing but loathe ironing even more - I have an airing cupboard full!

10 - Would love to be slimmer but I am very lazy and hate exercise. Hubby bought me a Wii fit for my birthday last May and I've used it about 5 times.

The ladies I am passing this onto are:-

The other 2 ladies I would pass this to are Emma (who nominated me) and Clare (Taffy Crafty), who was also nominated by Emma. They are my 2 of my blogger buddies so the thought is there in spirit girls.


  1. Awww thank you for the lovely award Clare, it was lovely of you to think of me and my blog. Joanne x

  2. aww thanks alot hun
    appreciate you thinking of me
    hope your well
    Susie x

  3. aww..thanks for thinking of me,anyway..loved reading your...LOL at the boy
    hope your well love clarex