Sunday, 19 April 2009

Still in holiday mode

Hi all, thanks to those of you who posted messages saying welcome back. We had a fab time and I'm still in holiday mode. Mind you the 4 cases full of washing bring you back to earth with a bump. Still, it's been sunny this weekend and I booked today off work so at least I've got some clearing up done. Still surrounded by empty cases and piles of washing. Mum and dad popped over today to see some of the many pics we took. Still got 3 cameras full to download. Will post some pics soon. Made them laugh with my one brown one white foot!!! I got sunburnt on my right foot and now it's all brown, the other one still pale and pastey!! How does that work?? My arms, chest and face are brown-ish despite 5 days of rain in the middle of the holiday. We had some really good days out though. I just love Mallorca, really beautiful place and the people are lovely. Mad drivers mind you.....

Anyway, watch this space for pics ..... eventually.... haha!


  1. waves HI to you all xxx

    glad to hear your back and you all had a really good cant wait to see a pic or your 1 brown foot and the other
    hope you get thou all your washing..the weather is surppose to be great all week.
    chat soon hugs clarex

  2. Great to hear you all had a fab time despite the rain.
    Yuck at all your washing...worst part of the holiday.
    Emma x