Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mini test drive

We went on our Mini Cooper Convertible test drive today. It was fab. Didn't want to give it back! We drove for over an hour with the roof up and down, on little roads and motorway. Loved it. The heated seats are brilliant! Everything is fab. Hope we get one. Not sure yet if we'll get a new one or one about a year old. If we have a new one we'll get the colour and extras we want but pay the price. On the other hand if we get a slightly older used one, it's less money but not to our spec. Hmmm, what to do? I'm trying to be practical. Most of the money my parents are giving us would be used up if we bought a new one, leaving not much for other things. If we bought a slightly older one we'd be able to do the kitchen up as well...... Decisions decisions......


  1. I say Go for it!!!. If you really want it and you don't get it you'll end up regreting it. Live the Dream.

  2. Glad you had a lovely time on your test drive Clare. Decisions eh?? I'm sure you'll make the right one in the end.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Joanne x