Thursday, 25 June 2009

Now I'm feeling better ....

Now I'm feeling better I can tell you more about our weekends with our new Mini. It's a beautiful car. We did have a nice ride to Littlehampton, although we didn't stay long. We go down quieter country A roads rather than motorway which is great with the top down. Emily thought it was hilarious. Her hair, at one point before I tied it back, was vertical in the wind. Being in the back is definitely more windy!! Trouble is, if you want wind deflectors you can't get them for the back passengers. They only do them for the front passenger and driver, but the whole thing sits across the back seats!! So we didn't bother getting one. In the front you don't feel as windswept. The heated seats are lovely! Anyway, we did that then on the Sunday (after we thought that was the end of Emily being ill!) we went to David's sister's wedding. It was beautiful. Then of course, poor Emily was poorly with her gastroenteritis.

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