Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Emily's been in hospital

Hi all, sorry I've been absent. Emily's been in hospital for the last 2 days. She had a cold since Sunday and went to school ok Monday. Monday night she wasn't coping well with her asthma and inhalers weren't working.

By 11am Tuesday I knew she needed a nebuliser at the doctors. That in itself without a car is hard thing to accomplish. I managed to get a cab within 15 mins of speaking to the doctors surgery who said come down straight away. By the time we got there she was in a bad way. They got her on the nebuliser and monitored her heart rate and oxygen levels. These were really low and she fell asleep, which freaked them out.

So they called an ambulance and it went from there. We were taken to the Resus Unit at A&E and eventually got taken to the children's ward about 3pm yesterday. It was very scary but I felt I handled it very well, I didn't cry or get hysterical. I did ring David who came bombing back from work very quickly.

She was on continuous oxygen for the rest of the evening and nebulisers every 3 hours last night. We did manage to get some sleep. If you can call it sleep in a busy children's ward with all things going on all night, in a 3ft wide child's length bed meant for a child alone, not one with an adult in it as well! But she did sleep and was ok. She needed some more oxygen for about 10 mins this morning and nebulisers/steroid tablets/antibiotics all day. But, thankfully, she's ok and we're home now.

So, sorry I've not been around but have been rather busy.


  1. Hi clare have been rather glad emily is doing fine now...and is home now..know how you feel hun...being in a busy childrens but thank god she his a lot better. bless her xx
    take care clare x

  2. oh dearie me, I do hope that you and yours are doing better now.