Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Fab film

OMG I've just watched a fab film. Yes I know I should be doing something constructive like making a card or housework etc. But don't you ever get the days when you feel like doing something just for yourself? So I thought, what the heck...

I bought it because it has Mr Hunk himself James Purefoy (should be called Purejoy!) in it (don't laugh!) but he's so gorgeous. I sound like a sad person who has no life! LOL! It's a Brit film with loads of my fave actors in, Joely Richardson, Hugh Lawrie, Joanna Lumley, Dawn French, Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson. Written by Ben Elton. It's called Maybe Baby. Anyone seen it? It's meant to be a comedy but actually is quite sad about a couple trying for a baby.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts about it. Worth watching. And of course, he's in it!! CORRRR!!

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