Monday, 27 October 2008

A cry for help

Does anyone know what to do to stop ends of ribbon fraying?? It's driving me crazy. Also, what do you all use to stick ribbon to projects?? Thanks for any suggestions....


  1. Hi Clare, have you tried sealing the ends with some clear nail varnish? I mainly use DST for sticking my ribbons to cards but what about sticky dots? Hope this helps. Babz :0)

  2. Hi Clare,
    A little clear nail varnish on the ends of your ribbon will stop it fraying. I use double sided sticky tape to attach to my cards....glue seeps thru and makes a mess!!
    Hope this helps
    Emma x

  3. I also use double sided tape to attach ribbon to cards. I always use really sharp scissors to cut each end of the ribbon and I fold it over the end of the card so the edges are on the wrong side. Hope that makes sense lol!