Friday, 10 October 2008

Dragons Keep Collectables

Just a note for any dragon lovers out there. I've got a website which sells dragon figurines, magic wands and Ology books, among other things mythical. If you're into that sort of thing why not visit and see if there's a Christmas gift for a family member or friend. I'd love to hear what you think of my website as it's taken 3 long years to get where we are today. Thanks for looking.
I've also started up a blog for my dragons Please forgive me, it's a bit sparse at the moment but I hope to update it regularly with news about the website.


  1. It certainly looks a fabulous site Clare...well worth all your hard work over 3 years!! :)

  2. Thanks Lydia. We love it, we're dragon fanatics. It's been hard work but like you say well worth it. Hope this Christmas shopping season will be good, despite the bad financial climate. Has been mad so far this month. Am surrounded by new dragons to go on the site next week.