Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sad news

We had some sad news yesterday. Hubby's uncle David had died very quickly after being diagnosed very recently with liver cancer. It's very sad for his family but mercifully for him it was quick.

But, as you know, my son Tim had lymphatic cancer 6 years ago. Poor Tim is really upset. He had wanted to visit him but as he lived a fair distance away and was really very ill we didn't arrange it in time. Uncle David came to visit him in hospital when he was ill and it meant a lot to Tim. Uncle David was a professional photographer when younger (he did our wedding photos) and in later life made stunt kites for sale on the internet. He made one specially for Tim. Who knows how a family member's death from cancer affects a 14 year old boy who's had cancer himself? He's kept it all in but I think he's suffering lots. On his MSN he's put RIP Uncle Dave. It's upsetting for us as his parents.

RIP Uncle David. Our thoughts are with your family.


  1. really sorry to hear thoughts and prays go out to you and the family xx hugs to tim from me xx
    clare xx

  2. So sorry to hear about to all.
    Emma x