Monday, 22 December 2008

At last....

.... finally, I can relax and enjoy the build-up to Christmas (apart from working in Asda tomorrow evening and 3 hours on Christmas Eve). My dragon website is closed for the holidays and I don't have to wrap up any more parcels for posting, yipee!! Mind you, I still had 3 orders after last orders. Oh well, mustn't grumble, earning money is always a good thing.

Just thought you'd like to know that so far I've raised £190 for my charity by not sending Christmas cards this year. I'm supporting the Royal Marsden Hospital's Cancer Campaign to rebuild the Children & Teenage Unit, as my son Tim was treated there in 2002. Not bad at all I'd say.

Wishing you all a very Merry (not too merry!) Christmas and Happy New Year.


  1. WOW HOOOOOOOOOO...well done hun,on raising £190..congrats.
    yep,wish we could relax now,still running round like blue @rse fly's,got food shop to do tomo,went in to asda's today for the 3 for £10 on the wine...and i had to cue nearly half hour just for that..crazy,and its back open on
    any way..still got a load of wrapping still to do,which is what i should be doing
    enjoy you clare x

  2. Wow thats fab...well done you, £190 is brill.
    Emma x