Monday, 23 February 2009

Guitar pyramage

I made this card yesterday with the guitar twisted pyramage I bought at the Make It Show on Friday. Hope you like it. It's quite plain but then men don't go for fussy stuff really do they? May use it for hubby's colleague and friend Mark. He's a guitar collector (and also plays well too), he's the one who got my son Tim interested in guitars too. He's also the reason we all love McFly here, he is a family friend of Tom Fletcher from McFly so loves to promote them to his other friends.


  1. Fantastic card...connections to a pop star hey!!!
    Emma x

  2. Fab card Clare, sorry about the delay in posting, had a lot of catching up to do after the word verification blip.
    I also have something for you ove on my blog hun.

    Joanne x