Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow wooo hooo - pics and video

our back garden

Texaco garage near home (seen from landing window)

neighbour over road's house

Some pics and videos of the snow in Surrey. Surrey County Council have just announced over the radio that all schools are expected to be closed today. Police have said if you don't have to go anywhere, don't, it's too dangerous. Various roads are closed, lorries jack-knifed, cars slid off etc. Complete chaos. No buses running, trains cancelled. M25 is apparently disastrous. M3 not much better. I don't know, 1 foot of snow and everything grinds to a halt in this country.

Hubby got to work safely (after 1 1/2hours careful driving down M3) only to find no-one else had bothered (local people who live close to work didn't bother - lazy watsits) and his boss's son in law rang to tell him to go home. So he'll wait about an hour to see if anyone turns up (doubtful) then make the trip home again carefully. I'll only be happy when he's back here safely. Don't like it.


  1. Wow great pics Clare and video. Hope your hubby gets home safely, he'll be shattered after all that careful driving.
    I've just been a big kid and made a, will put a pic up on my blog in a minute. Enjoy the snow. Joanne xx

  2. ooh - we don't have that much snow, although it is still snowing at the moment - fairly fat flakes too. Have a good day - keep those lungs nice and dry!

  3. Hold on a minute while I get this sun tan lotion off my hands... That's better. Now what was it you were saying about snow?
    Actually I'm really jealous. The heat gets to me as much as the cold gets to you. At least you can make snowmen. How fun!! Throw a snowball at Biddy for me!!

  4. You are so beastly. Talking about sun tan lotion. What temperature is it in Florida today? I love snow but would love some heat more at the moment..... School's closed again today!

  5. The temp yesterday in the morning, was actually zero or 32!! Ice on the car window. Today it was in the low 60's during the day and by Monday, we'll be around 80 degrees!! Emily is going to a beautiful beach and tennis resort with her friend and her family for 5 days, leaving Sunday so the weather should be beautiful.check it out at Wish I was going,luck thing.

  6. Lucky thing. Wish I was going too.