Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ten Things I Like.....

..... starting with the letter D (thanks to my friend Sam for this!)

1. David (my husband - gotta put him first haven't I?)
2. Dragons (that I sell on my website -
3. Duran Duran (my favourite group as a teen with my best friend Sharon, and we still love them now)
4. Disneyworld Florida (I cry each time I go, I'm a big kid! I love going there as my best friend Sharon lives in Orlando so I have 2 things to go to Florida for!)
5. Dirty Dancing (Patrick Swayze is hot!)
6. My Dad
7. Da Vinci Code (the film and all books by Dan Brown)
8. Disney films (all of them are great)
9. Danny from McFly (I just love McFly anyway but he's cute!)
10. Dogs (but can't have any as hubby is allergic)

This was fun, and it's something that's been making the rounds these last few weeks, so if you fancy your own letter to work with, just let me know and I will send you your very own letter of the alphabet!!


  1. Ha! I picked a good letter for you didn't I!!? I found it difficult to pick my M words!

    By the way, I don't know why you can't follow both my blogs, I don't quite understand that one!!

  2. thats 10 new thing i know about you thanks for sharing it.
    if you really really want a dog,you can have a bichon frise like the dog i got,its doesn't mault its fur these are the dogs for people that are allergic..and these dog are the best they are so loving great with kids,its like ahving a baby in the house...he sits on your lap and just loves being with nicely to dave..and omg emily would love it.
    i got a pic of mine on my blog side bar when he was a couple of months old..will send you more pic it you like.
    hugs clare xx

    p.s about that sentiment on my ws given to me in a RAK from crafting den..i think its a stamp..ill ask her if you want??

    hugs to you all xxx i think we are in for more snow again brrrr xxxx