Monday, 16 February 2009

Thank you Clare xx

The lovely Clare (Taffy Crafty) sent this beautiful notebook for my daughter Emily, along with some stickers, which I thought was very generous of her. Emily was really pleased with them. The reason she sent one was because Emily loved the one Clare made for me at Christmas and wanted to pinch it!! How kind is that? I've never met Clare in my life but we've become blogger buddies. Isn't it nice to know some people are really genuinely nice people? Restores my faith in mankind. Thanks hun....


  1. your welcome hun,im just glad emily liked it.
    how strange it is to see what i made on someone else's im glad emily liked the stickers..wasn't not used to girly having 2 boys.
    anyway hope your all well..and the kids are enjoying halfterm?
    chat soon xx clare xx

  2. Clare is a looking forward to meeting her next month. Can't you escape just for a day???
    Emma x