Friday, 20 March 2009

Woo hoo, I'm off to the seaside tomo

Yipee, we've all had a fairly crappy week this week so decided that tomorrow we're going to Littlehampton for the day. Sod the housework. LOL. Even if we just walk along the sea front for an hour it will be nice to have a change of scene.

Hubby's birthday was on Tues but we didn't do anything as we're saving for our Majorca hols (14 sleeps!!) and he's had bad eczema on his face, which he suffers from now and again, so went to the docs on his birthday and is on antibiotics for the week. Nice present.

Emily has conjunctivitis in both eyes but is getting better thanks to antibiotic drops from the docs. We won't be letting her play in the sand as that won't do her eyes any good, just go for a walk along the front will be lovely.

I've had a bad week as the big Rome order from last week, which I had a nightmare with the couriers for last Friday (see OMG I AM SO ANGRY post). I basically mucked up half the order and any profits made have been lost plus I'm out of pocket rectifying my error!! Tim my son is the only one who seems to have had a fairly good week, touch wood.

So we're off to the seaside tomo so no crafting. Oh well, blow away the cobwebs before work on Sunday (on Mother's Day!! lovely!) Have a good weekend all. Hope to post some cards next week. xxxx

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  1. I hope you all have a lovely day Clare, sounds like you all deserve it. Brings back childhood memories Littlehampton beach, gosh, I wonder if it's changed at all over the years. We used to go there as Worthing Beach was pebbles and shingle, well it still is. Must try to visit Littlehampton again when I next go down.

    Hope you all have fun.

    Joanne xx