Friday, 28 August 2009

Drayton Manor Pics

David & Tim went on this and got very wet. It's a water coaster. David was very brave as he doesn't do roller coasters. This one even went backwards down a watersplash!! They loved it. It's good too as it raises money/funds a lifeboat named The Drayton Manor.

This was a fun ride for all of us.

Tim & I queued for about 45 mins to go on this. I was PMSL but he was squealing like a girl. You hung upside down held in only by the middle bar for about 2 seconds on the first corkscrew. It was hilarious.

I wanted to go on their standup roller coaster but Tim wouldn't. He said it's just not right to stand on a rollercoaster. Fraidy Cat!! And David certainly wouldn't. He feels sick on the runaway train at Chessington.

Well worth a visit and not as expensive as Chessington or Thorpe Park.

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