Monday, 7 September 2009

Peace at last....

I would say it's nice to have the house to myself again after the summer holidays but it actually feels too quiet... Tim went back to school on Thursday and promptly twisted his ankle. Didn't seem too bad and he did go to school on Friday. Emily started in Year 1 today. Seemed a little subdued in the playground but was ok. Some of the mums were getting really upset. But I couldn't cry... not because I'm hard but because I've done it once before so I'm used to it. Plus neither of my kids are the clingy crying type, both were ready for school and enjoyed it. I'm glad about that.

Anyway, once I'm back to "normal" LOL with housework etc I'm going to do some crafting. Not really interested in cards much now but want to do scrapbooking. Have a wedding, an anniversary one and our holiday one to do. Any ideas??

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