Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rocky Horror Show

Well, last night was the night. We went to see Rocky Horror Show at Wimbledon Theatre. Our seats were excellent, 5 rows from the front right in the middle. It was brilliant. Haven't been to see it since before I had the kids and Tim's 15 now! We hired an Eddie costume for David and he looked great. I went as Magenta. Felt like a tart, until we got there and saw loads more people of all shapes, sizes and genders dressed in less! Had a fantastic time.

One stupid cow behind me spoilt it a bit (she was obviously a virgin as she wasn't dressed up!) I took 2 photos as everyone around me was taking pictures and she tapped me on the shoulder and told me I wasn't supposed to. Well yeah, I know that, but everyone else was and I wasn't annoying anyone else or using flash, so what was the problem. Silly bitch.

But we all joined in shouting responses and singing. The best bit was all standing up and doing the Time Warp. Fab, hilarious. Can't wait to go again, in less than 16 years this time. Hope you like the pic. I have a few more to add but am having problems uploading at the moment.....

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