Monday, 12 October 2009

OMG vampire books

OMG I never thought I'd say this but I love Stephanie Meyer Twilight books about a teenage girl's love for a vampire. (Of course everyone is probably aware of the storyline but I was oblivious at first!)

Two of my young colleagues at work read them and raved over them. I dismissed them as teenager's (makes me sound ancient LOL!!) fiction with blood and gore about vampires. Then my friend (who's similar in age!) read them all avidly and said they were fantastic. So my curiousity was peaked. I love reading anyway and had just finished Dan Brown Lost Symbol in 3 days!!

I bought Twilight last Tuesday evening and read it in 2 days, I was hooked from the first pages. Edward and Bella's romance was captivating. I ordered the film on DVD. I bought New Moon on Thursday and again read it in 2 days. It was so sad I cried. I bought Eclipse on Saturday, and I've finished it already. I'm going shopping tomorrow for the final one "Breaking Dawn".... I cannot believe how brilliant they are. It's such a fantastic love story. Can't wait to read the outcome. I thoroughly recommend them to anyone of any age. You'll be hooked.

Am going to watch Twilight tomorrow. Thought I ought to do some housework first as I've done nothing since starting to read the books LOL, my house is a mess!!

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