Friday, 27 November 2009

New Moon

Well, for those who have seen it - wasn't it great? For those who aren't into Twilight yet - you must! I've only been a Twilighter for about 6 weeks and have been addicted from day 1. The books are fab. There's so much detail in there about how Edward & Bella feel for each other. And then the first two have now been made into films which really put flesh on the characters. Twilight is a brilliant story about meeting up and being in love. New Moon carries that on further with more plot twists and some heartbreak. Well worth reading/watching. I've been to see New Moon 3 times since it opened last Friday! Enjoy.


  1. Wow you are a big fan ! So glad your friend is ok !

  2. Hi Clare, yeah they were all laughing at me at work until 2 others got into Twilight and now are as bad as me.... went with one of them yesterday for my 3rd trip. New Moon is a good film, go and see it if you can, but see Twilight first. Thx for kind words about my friend. xx