Thursday, 20 February 2014

Christmas Paper Stars

Christmas paper stars

My daughter was shown how to make these at after school club. Here's a step by step guide. They're so easy and really effective.
 Take a square of paper, plain or printed. Fold in half diagonally twice to make a small triangle. From the single folded side cut 3 lines spaced evenly apart, ending about one inch from the 2 folded edges
 This is what it looks like unfolded once the cuts have been made.
 With some sellotape roll over and stick the inner pieces together.
 Turn over and repeat with the next pieces. They should look a bit like lanterns.
 And again. Make 5 more of these.
 When you have 6 of these, staple them all together in the middle.
 Should look something like this.
Then staple each piece together higher up to shape into a star. 
Enjoy. Make lots to hang from the ceiling in different bright Christmassy colours for an effective display.

Thanks to Vicky and the girls at after school club.

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