Saturday, 22 November 2008


Hooray, met my friend Han today and it looks like we should (hopefully, fingers crossed, sickness permitting!) get together next week for a crafting session. Haven't met up for a chat and cardmaking for ages, due to family/work/sickness so let's hope it works out this time. It was nice to see her today, albeit briefly. It's all her fault that I'm addicted to blogging now!! Anyway, hopefully, once we've had our crafty session I'll have some good things to post. Need it, have my church fair at the end of next week so need some more things to sell. I also hope to finish my 2 other ribbon Christmas trees tomorrow to post as well. Am off to bed now, nightie nightie, pyjama pyjama. LOL, sorry my dad used to say that to me when I was little....


  1. IHope all goes well at your Church fair,i've got my School fair on the 10th of Dec so looking forward to that as it's my first 1 of many to come LOL.Enjoy your crafting session next week with your friend.Denise x

  2. Hi!
    There is something for you on my blog.
    Emma x

  3. Looking forward to it sweet hugs han xx