Friday, 21 November 2008

PIF PASS IT FORWARD - sorry now closed

This is my PIF (pass it forward) as I won recently from Clare (Taffy Crafty). All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog. The first 3 people who do so will get the goodies. I will send internationally so please leave me a comment here about the PIF and a link on your blog. I'll leave it till the end of November so that I can send in time for Christmas. The idea is when you win PIF you then put some goodies up for grabs to the 1st 3 people to leave comments on your blog. Go on, it's fun....


  1. No entries???? Well I will play along and be your 1st.
    If you go in and edit your post I think you can change the date...put it into the future.
    Emma x

  2. WOW great pif, please can i be added?.great blog now a follower,hope you don't mind. Denise x

  3. wow what a lovely pif, would love to play! great blog too Carly xxx

  4. Hi guys, will post ASAP. Thanks for joining, hope you like the PIF when you receive it.... LOL. Hugs, Clare xx