Friday, 28 November 2008

I'm so fed up...

Well, I never made the church fair today. I didn't realise till I talked to my mum that it didn't start till 7pm and finishes about 10pm. It's about 45 minutes away from home, so even if I left at 10pm I wouldn't be home till almost 11pm. With 2 sick kids and hubby sick too it didn't seem fair to leave them all at home on their own while not well.

I'm so fed up as I was really hoping to sell some of my cards and handmade soaps to make some money for the Royal Marsden Hospital's Cancer Campaign to rebuild the Children and Teenage Unit where my son Tim was treated in 2002. My good friend Han donated lots of lovely cards she'd made to sell too. I'm just hoping some of my colleagues at work will buy some instead and I may make some money to donate. Oh well, these things happen for a reason. My family is most important so I can't do everything and they come first.

I'll post some pics of my soaps tomorrow. They look really nice wrapped in cellophane and would make great tree presents. Such a shame I can't sell them.


  1. aww i love handmade soaps, cant wait to see the pics and also was wondering are they easy to make??
    hope everyone is feeling better soon hun
    susie x

  2. aww..clare..feel sorry for you be more then fed after all what you made ready for the fair..never mind like you said maybe it was meant to be.
    thanks for your lovely you tomo x sending getting well wishes to the family xxx take care xx clare xx

  3. Hi Susie, they are really easy to make. Found a website selling huge blocks of glycerin which you just cut up and melt in a microwave. Just add cosmetic colour, scent and glitter, pour into a mould and leave for 2 hours. Take out of moulds and leave to dry for 2 days. That's it. Thanks for the good wishes, Clare x

  4. Awww Clare...really feel for you not being able to go to the fair. Never mind hun, keep your chin up and I am sending get well wishes to your family.
    Take care
    Emma x