Thursday, 27 November 2008

Wish me luck

Well, I'm really unprepared for the church fair tomorrow. After having 2 kids off sick all week and now hubby too I've not done any prep at all. Also I've been up to my eyes in dragons to wrap for customers and have been working at Asda part-time.

I still have soaps to wrap, have cellophane but no ribbon to tie it with. I've only made about 30 Christmas cards but luckily I have a stock of other occassion ones to bulk the stock out a bit. And thanks to my good friend Han who bought loads of cards she's made, I should be ok. I want to make some fudge to sell too but doubt I'll have time for that.

I really hope I sell some things and make some money as I'm trying to raise funds for the Royal Marsden where my son was treated. Just think of me and wish me luck.... thanks. Clare x

1 comment:

  1. good morning clare...thinking of you,at this very busy time at your xmas sure you have sold loads,and hope you raise some money for your son's charity :-)
    hugs clare xx