Monday, 8 December 2008


Just a note to thank to all of you who sent get well wishes to my kids & hubby. Fingers crossed.... say no more..... Poor hubby really wasn't well last week. He had a nasty ear infection and the tablets made him sick, poor man. Kids & hubby had nasty chest infections the week before. Let's hope they're over the worst now. Thank you to everyone who thought of us.

As to me, I'm still going.... Us mums have to keep going don't we? LOL. I've been working my tail off since October really with dragon orders but last week alone I had 21 orders. I had 51 orders in November and 26 in October. Not bad for a small business run from home with just me processing all the orders.

Anyway, thanks Emma, Susie, Clare!

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  1. aww..thanks hun xx yes us mum's still have to carry hope your not still hope its just a nice cup of tea
    anyway..hope your all well,and ready for xmas,mines a busy one this week,with kids xmas concerts and parties,and my xmas work dinner out,and there's still a load of xmas cards to finish off...but like us mum's..we still got to carry
    hugs clare xx