Monday, 15 December 2008

My Christmas Tree and indoor decorations

Hi, well we finally got round to putting up our decorations inside and out this weekend. Usually do it at least a week earlier but what with manic dragon orders and everyone being ill it got postponed. Thought I'd post some seasonal pictures of my decorations inside for a giggle. Will post the outside ones later, when I've taken photos and my eyes have readjusted from the glare of all that neon!! Merry Christmas to you all. Will add some festive music to my playlist tomorrow....


  1. hi clare,glad to hear your all will,and your dragon's are still selling strong.
    your xmas tree is lovely hun,esp like the train underneath,jake would love that,and the i love all your xmas ornamants,its looking very chritmasie now,cant wait to see your outside pic's.
    i must confess ive not got mine up
    hopefully tonight.
    off to pick kids up from school,chat soon x clare x

  2. Hi Clare...
    You decorations look fab. I really must get a move on and get mine up!!!
    Emma x