Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Help please

I've always wondered how you do that thing with text that directly links to someone's blog eg "Emma" that goes to my friend's blog when you click on her name. How do you do that? Can someone help me please it's driving me crazy LOL as I'm sure it's easy when you know how. :-(


  1. hi hun..hope i can help..ive only just got to know this..had to ask emma...lol

    when you post...write the name e.g EMMA highlight it..right click on the URL,copy and at the top of your post page..you should have a little green link thing click on that and it opens a window..paste the URL in there..click done and it will close and then its done..easy as that...lol
    hope this helps xx

  2. Hooray, it works thanks Clare xxx