Sunday, 9 August 2009

Camping in the New Forest

Well we had a great weekend camping in the New Forest. We bought a massive tent last year at the Aldershot Army Show but only managed one wet night in the garden last year before the summer went to pot. So, a bit nervous about what the weather would be like when we came home from London on Thursday in torrential rain, we loaded up and set off early Friday morning.

Don't laugh, but we needed both cars to take all the stuff and us!! I drove the Mini, it was fab. It took about an hour to get to the campsite. It then took about 3 hours to setup the tent as the ground was very flinty and hard to get pegs in without bending them in half. But when it was finally erect (ooo errr missus!) it was great. We helped the lady in the next pitch setup her tent as her hubby was at work and her kids weren't much help. She was very grateful.

The site was very basic but lovely. Called Toms Field in Godshill, run by Tom & his wife who were very pleasant. The view was fab as we were right next to a huge valley in the forest. Horses were in the field next to us. Emily loved it.

After a sandwich and play around the campsite we went to a lovely pub called The Fish Inn in Ringwood for a fantastic dinner. Then we went back to the tent and slept fairly well.

Emily started the next day badly. She became famous as the girl who fell off the tyre swing into the big mud puddle underneath. She was covered!! Not impressed either. Bless.

It was really hot so we mostly stayed by the tent but did go for a walk then a nice lunch in a pub near the site called the Fighting Cocks in Godshill. Very nice Ploughmans. We also ventured into Fordingbridge for about an hour. After more playing in the campsite we went back to the Fish Inn for another belly full of lovely grub.

We got up early and had breakfast then packed up and arrived home about 1.30 ish. Too short, especially as the weather was lovely, but really nice and relaxing. Will post photos later.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and I'm glad the weather was good - there is nothing worse.

    I have left you a pressie on my blog.