Sunday, 9 August 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs Live

Well what a great day we had in London. It was extremely hot but fun. Got there about 11.00 and queued for tickets to the London Eye. That was great. Emily had never been on before. Then we booked our river cruise tickets. After that we went to Hamleys and spent a fortune on toys. Then had McDonalds before going back to the boat to the 02 Arena. It's much better in there now than when it was the Millennium Dome.

Our seats were almost in the roof but it gave a good view of the dinosaurs. It was very well done. The kids loved it. A little girl behind us made me crease up. She knew all their names and when the brachiosaurus came on she said "yeah it's my favourite!" then when another one came on (can't remember the name of it) she said "oh look, it's a lumposaurus. I was crying with laughter.

It was very well done despite critics slating it. I took loads of pics on my phone but haven't worked out how to download them yet. Will post them when I've sussed it. Well worth going if you can still get tickets.

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