Friday, 13 March 2009


Can you believe it? I waited in all day for a courier to collect a parcel from me. It's for a customer in Italy who ordered £500 items from my dragon website. It cost me £61 for this collection with insurance.

I had to pop out for literally 10 minutes to collect my daughter from school. I left a big note on the door for the courier's attention saying gone to school round corner back in 10 mins. When I got back OMG he'd been. B***** typical. There was a card through the door telling me to ring to reschedule collection.

The customer service operator I spoke to was very helpful, he could tell I was angry and when I explained that I have to take/collect my daughter he rescheduled for Monday taking the times into consideration.

I then rang the call centre where I booked the courier through (who I paid £61!) The girl I spoke to was not at all helpful. She obviously didn't care that I was spitting mad. Didn't care that I have spent lots of money for a courier for an important customer. I didn't lose my cool even though I am furious until she said "don't speak to me like that I'm trying to help you" (clearly she was bored and didn't give a stuff!) So I said "well you're not, don't p*** me off any more than I am already" and slammed the phone down.

I'm not proud of myself for swearing at her. I know I wasn't here so it's my fault!! But why can't these places be more specific with their collection times, ie 9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm instead of 9.00am-5.30pm, especially when I am the customer paying loads of money for their service. They clearly don't want my business and I will be going elsewhere.

It's a good job I don't work in the day isn't it? I've now got to go back to my customer and say that I'm sorry you won't get your big order when I promised you would. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY.

Sorry for the rant!!


  1. its ok let it all out! i know how you feel with couriours they take thebiscuit!!!

    i waited in all day for one that never came then came next day confused me!

    mayb its because it's friday 13th!


  2. probably right about Friday 13th, let's hope that's all that goes wrong

  3. Oh Clare *hugs* I don't blame you at all for being angry I would have been furious as well especially since you left a note on the door!

    To pay that sort of money and then not get the service is disgusting and to get a "I'm paid to answer the phone and if you say anything nasty I'm going to hang up because it's my right" person must have been the last straw!

    I hope your customer understands *hugs again*

  4. What a day Clare...bloody useless is all I can say!!
    Hope things got better for you as they day went on.
    Will say Hi to Clare and keep your spirit with us!! Lol
    Emma x

  5. omg i thought it was only me that lost my rag... a courier has lost my dress for night out tomorrow, he said he put it through my door then said it was next door, i rang today and he told me its at number five......but it isn't i am so mad!!!!!! hope your customer is ok with later delivery...hugs kirsten...x

  6. That is just typical - it's probs not due to company though - it depends on how the driver's route is planned and time constraints ... but I would still be miffed at the telephonist though! Hope you get your parcel delivered safely soon to your customer! Hels x

  7. They're not bad are they !!!
    clares craftroom

  8. oooh dearie me!!! I would be so very angry too. You'd think that with this recession people would be only too keen to make sure that they keep their customers, but no - it would seem as though they don't care. It is quite ridiculous to wait all day for something that could be narrowed down to a few hours - I hope you find a better company.